Folk Development Colleges

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In building a Nation,education and skills development is crucial one way to ensure that is to provide for mechanism through which knowledge and skill can be transferred and shared for the benefit of all community members

One way of doing that is by having a training system that is open to all and which is accessible and affordable one way of doing that is seen through the FDC approach.FDCs were established in  Tanzania for the purpose of providing the much needed training to local communities.

FDCs offer training in various areas including plumbing,masonry,animal husbandry .All these skills are necessary for the growth of the economy.

It is however important for these colleges to start using other approaches including modern technology as well as addressing the key problems of youth unemployment

These colleges need to start redesign their program in such a way as to keep the youths from the streets and ensure that they do not participate in activities that reduce their productivity

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