Drama at Lipumba faction meeting

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Dar es Salaam. The Civic United Front (CUF) ordinary meeting led by Prof Ibrahim Lipumba faction was surrounded by drama yesterday after attempts by the police to stop it failed.
The Prof Lipumba faction, which is apparently legally recognised by the office of registrar of political parties, organised the controversial meeting, which was vehemently protested by the other faction led by the secretary general, Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad.
Reports from the meeting, which was held at Lekam Hotel at Buguruni in Dar es Salaam said the police in anti-riot vehicles arrived at the scene to stop the meeting, but, surprisingly, they failed to stop it and the meeting went on as planned.
It was revealed that police arrived at the scene to stop the party meeting due to a court injunction filed by the Mr Hamad’s faction.
The Ilala Regional Police Commander, Mr Zubery Chembera, arrived at the hotel where the meeting was held at 10:00am  and informed the leaders that there was a court injunction, so the meeting had to stop, but the party members ignored the order.
Two hours later, when the meeting was going on, four anti-riot vehicles full of law enforcers led by Buruguni District Police Commander Adam Maro arrived and ordered the meeting to stop.
However, the order was also ignored by the participants of the meeting, something which triggered the anti-riot police officers to force their way into the meeting room, but they were blocked by party’s security team.
The party leaders led by spokesperson Abdul Kambaya said they were ready to die rather than cancel the meeting.
Later, in front of the RPC, Prof Lipumba made a call to someone who he said was a top person, but did not name him/her.

Source: The Citizen
Drama at Lipumba faction meeting

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