About Us

This website is a personal publication platform which contains in the most part my personal opinions,Private research reports,book reviews,news analysis and personal essays.I have also included a section of local and international news headlines.I do not consider myself a subject matter experts in any of the areas of my interest.I consider my self a humble scholar who is merely trying to have fun with my mind and share the little ideas of my own with the world.

Most of my article have not been published any where else and if they have I will point that out.I have also included links to local and international news feeds for the purpose of easing out my reading.You can easily browse all headlines from various news site.

Am I a subject matter in any of the issues I write about?

No.I am not a subject matter in any of the fields of interest I am just exploring different ideas.You cannot refer to any of the articles here.

What are my opinions?

In essence none of these are my opinions, but if it helps, I still take some limited degree of responsibility as long as you do not quote me,refer to me or use any articles in the site to attempt to justify or criticize any other idea or belief